Imps & Elfs

Imps & Elfs were one of the first brands to make organic look so good. Dutch design at its finest, the brand Imps & Elfs offers a range of everyday children's clothing in simple, easy-to-wear cuts. The brand makes clothes whose comfort and softness are incomparable, not to mention sustainable, made from GOTS organic cotton and other fabrics free of nasty chemicals. In line with ILO Conventions, Imps & Elfs employs a strict code of conduct, ensuring their clothes are made ethically and while respecting human rights. From sweatshirts, T-shirts and cardigans to bodysuits and trousers, Imps & Elfs consider themselves as timeless innovators, hoping to make clothes that facilitate life as a kid, and make everyday feel like a new beginning, full of intrigue and possibility. Children’s fashion, just as it should be!