Walk Moses

We are the brand that makes * the new summer slippers * Our slippers are not just cool looking, they’re recyclable, waterproof, washable, animal friendly, smell of milk & honey & are so comfortable you’ll wear them in winter with socks…

The FREEDOM slippers are made from PCU plastic injected with air. This unique combination of materials creates a super comfortable walking experience.

The FREEDOM slippers are washable, just grab a sponge and some regular soap and you’re good to go. We also recommend washing them as soon as they are dirty and not wait as stains tend to sink in as they would on cloth.

The FREEDOM slippers smell of milk & honey & they will not make your feet stink.

The FREEDOM slippers are also Animal friendly- meaning no animal testing or use of any animal parts in our production process.

The FREEDOM slippers are produced in P.R.C.

The FREEDOM slippers design is based on a recognizable style, twisted into a FRESH POP coloured must have fashion accessory. They can also be worn with socks for a new, fresh look in winter.