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The Ruby Cutie Clip is hand crafted using quality natural-dyed leather, it's style is a modern twist on a traditional braid.  Each Ruby Cutie Clip is cut, braided, sealed, and finished by Alexa and her team at Ruby + Flynn.  Free of all toxins, the materials used to construct the Ruby Cutie Clip are sourced solely from ethically produced companies.  The finished clip is sealed with a non-toxic, all natural, baby safe leather protectant.  It is approximately 7.25" long and is made in the USA using imported materials.  The Ruby Cutie Clip is CPSC complaint and has passed all safety testing.  Colors can vary due to the natural dye process of the leather and may get darker with use.  Some colors appear solid, while other colors show a variation in the dye, this is not a flaw but the beauty of this leather.



For everyday use, wipe down the leather with a baby wipe or a lightly damp cloth.  The sooner you clean, after getting soiled, the better.  If you have a baby who likes to drool, attach the loop to the outer edge of the pacifier instead of the breathing holes.   It't not suggested to expose the Ruby Cutie Clip to water.  Doing so may cause faster wear.  Coconut oil may be applied to the leather if dryness occurs.  Simply apply oil, let dry, and wipe off any excess.  To prolong the length of your Ruby Cutie Clip, remove while eating table foods and playing in any variation of sand/dirt.

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